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Silverstall - the high street shop specialising in silver jewellery

lady wearing silver chain

One of our ladies models a chunky silver chain which combines perfectly with her feather white top.

chinese students

In our Plymouth Shops we also sell many other items of jewellery and gifts. For example we stock a large range of silver stud earrings that we have designed ourselves.

In our Plymouth Shops we also sell many other items of jewellery and gifts. For example we stock a large range of snoods and hair-pins.

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Information Silverstall

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The Silverstall was created in 1994, and is acclaimed for its diverse collection of hand made and contemporary silver jewellery. In addition to Silver, the silverstall is also known for its unique and abundant range of fashion jewellery made from natural materials and gemstones. The enduring properties of its silver jewellery guarantees that you can continue to enjoy the jewellery in many decades to come.

As part of the manufacturing process the silver is frequently tested for porosity ensuring maximum strength in it welding capabilities. Careful checks are often made to minimise any air that might be trapped during annealing or in the cooling of this precious metal.

Four years ago the Silverstall incorporated Amberstall which specialised in selling amber jewellery. As part of that amber collection the silverstall is now home to one of the largest pieces of amber in Europe

Making Jewellery

 silverstall customers

The vast majority of our silver jewellery is made by hand. We have written some guides for making silver jewellery at home together with instructions on its many processes. One of the most important to master is how to solder silver jewellery which is an essential feature of making it.

graduates of silverstall

Helping Graduates

We also help overseas graduates with sponsorship and providing them part-time employment, to help with their studies. In 2009 we helped over 71 Chinese students attain their bachelor of honours degrees at the university of Plymouth. In 2010 we continue to forge deep links with Beijing based educational establishments in helping these students. In 2012 we have secured placements for over 275 Chinese nationals at higher education establishments within the Uk.

Address for the return of all jewellery items and legal issues

Silverstall, Armada Shopping Centre, Mayflower Street, Plymouth, PL1 1LE.

model wearing necklace

A Silverstall model shows off the latest style of silver necklace that can be adorned for any event. Many of the items of jewellery are designed by us (with quite a lot of help with cad software.) If its not made or assembled by us, we ensure that it is responsibly sourced from ethical trading suppliers. Silverstall is arguably the birthplace of the Belly Bar. Few will dispute that in 1994 Jeff Hall's use of a rigid stainless steel wire to hold two crystals in place was the UK's first banana bar. Available from the old silverstall in Royal Parade it sold only to a select few until it was popularised by the Spice Girls a year later. We called it a banana bar after its shape.