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March 2013 - Raw silver prices continue to float around the $30 mark with fluctuations being caused by the usual economic factors. The relatively stable markets will however change this year with our prediction that the price may fall if the equities market continues to rise.

April 2013 - As predicted prices have started to fall with both Gold and silver losing over %5 of their value. Currently silver is selling for around £544 per kilo.

February 2014

Happy Valentines to all our customers. This year has been dampened by torrential rain and floods however the spirit of Valentine lives on. Silver Jewellery will provide that enduring gift to make this years Valentine a special one.

January 2014

silver shop

Happy new year to all our loyal customers.

December 2013

For this xmas we are reintroducing an old classic. The sterling silver marcasite bracelet which features some stunning faceted garnets. A merry Christmas to all our loyal supporters.

November 2013

xmas bear

In our shop we have a new and exciting range of beaded crystal jewellery. The necklaces are hand made in Plymouth and will appear on site next year. We are sorry we cannot publish them sooner however we need to protect their designs from nearby Xmas plagiarists. In the meantime the silverstall xmas bear has paid a visit for his jewellery presents.

October 2013

Google as a method of payment has now been closed for online retailers (except games etc) and therefore paypal is the only method we accept.

September 2013

Plymouth City Centre and Waterfront Awards 2013

A big thank you to all those who voted for us however due to threats, intimidation and irregularities in the competition we have withdrawn our name. We have been forced to publish this statement now, (2 weeks before the competition ends) before we get accused of "sour grapes" as the winners are yet to be chosen. Whilst we support the Evening Herald there remains some serious unresolved issues with the Plymouth City Centre Company.

August 2013

Google Checkout is being phased out.

Google checkout or as it is sometimes known google wallet is being phased out for all online purchases except for apps through google play. Therefore over the next few weeks we will be withdrawing the google checkout facility from our items until eventually by the end of September you will not be able to use google checkout. The Google wallet scheme closes in November however we have to allow a 2 month period to ensure refunds are properly available.

July 2013

Price of Silver stabilises but Gold continues to fall.

Whilst the past 2 months have witnessed a steep decline in Gold and Silver prices one of the contributory factors in its decline has been India. For over a decade India has been a driving force in the demand for Gold however recently they have switched that demand from Gold to Silver. Therefore we anticipate Gold prices to further decline however the price of Silver ought to remain stable and indeed may even see a small rise over the next quarter.

garnet locket

June 2013

June sees the return of some classic items of silver jewellery such as the much loved garnet locket.

May 2013

This month sees the rapid fall in silver and gold prices. Partly due to a surge in equities and partly due to the selling of national reserves by Italy, Greece and other countries.

amber ring

April 2013

Amber rings compliment perfectly that spring outfit. This spring the natural colours of this precious resin can add colour and class to any adornment.

March 2013

Despite recent stability in silver prices, the currency markets remain volatile with sterling losing much of its value against a basket of currencies. This means importing raw silver will become more expensive for us and regrettably could lead to unwanted price increases. That said we have seen a remarkable growth in our exports, in particular to Australia, China and Brazil. The devalued pound has made our prices extremely competitive.

February 2013

Valentines day gifts expresses the romantic gestures shown between partners. No other form of such expression marks the occasion better than silver jewellery

new year silver shop

January 2012

May we wish all our customers a very happy new year which we hope is reflected in our special new year shop display.