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Amber Rings

The rings are hand crafted and set on the finest quality sterling silver. Each ring is posted in a hand-made ring box without extra charge. Amber is the fossilized resin from ancient forestation. Learn more about amber. As no single piece is totally identical there may be a slight variation in the colour and composure of the amber you receive to the photographed item. We can however guarantee that you will receive the same shape, size and weight to the one described on this site. As regards colour there may be small variations in the tones and shade.

The silver lends itself as a perfect medium for conveying the colourful properties of amber. Its neutral colour blends well with all the various oranges and greens. One of the many splendid features of an amber ring is its individuality which makes a personal and unique gift of silver jewellery.

oval cognac amber ringoval cognac amber
rectangular green amber ringRectangular Green Amber
oval amber ringOval Amber Ring
tear-drop amber ringtear-drop amber
orange amber ringorange amber ring
round green amber ringRound Green Amber Ring
large round amber ringLarge round amber
three colours amber ringThree Colours of Amber
four ambers on a ringFour Ambers Ring