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Lockets in Dreams

If a young lady dreams her partner hooks a locket around her neck, then they say she will be marry shortly and have beautiful children. On the other hand if she dreams of losing a locket then immense sadness will ensue. If she dreams that she breaks the locket, she will have a moody and unstable husband.

Exquisitely hand tooled lockets that will grace and enrich your appearance.

lady wearing silver locket

This lady shows off her prized possession, wearing her silver locket.

These sterling silver Lockets are hand crafted to precision. They are dispatched in a free gift box. They make a great gift of silver jewellery.

A fine accessory that blends with a locket is a silver brooch The brooch accessorize's the outfit whilst the locket focuses on the neck. For choosing a gift for men perhaps also consider a pair of cufflinks that will enhance the appearance of any suit.

The locket is both traditional silver jewellery and currently a fashionable accessory. We feature some useful facts on making silver lockets Please note our postal charges and sending jewellery abroad

garnet locketgarnet Locket
oval locketOval Locket
oval shaped locket Oval shaped
round locket Octagonal locket
round locket Round Locket
mother of pearl locket Mother of Pearl
£11.95 -sold out
slim oval locket slim oval
large heart shaped silver locket Large Heart
engraved silver locket engraved
big silver locket Big locket
Decorative HeartEngraved Heart
Miniature locketMiniature Heart
heart locket Heart Locket
amethyst locketamethyst Locket
hexagonal locketHexagonal