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Oval Shaped Amber Pendants

Amber pendants look tremendous in both natural and artificial light.

For matching amber bangles there are some green bangles that will go with the green pendants. There is also a choice of amber necklace with styles that can be an alternative to the pendants. Finally there are some stunning bracelets that will compliment the pendant.bracelets or you can accessorize your ears with some beautiful amber earrings

small green amber pendant

Small Green Amber Pendant

£9.95- Green amber suspended from a twist design of sterling silver pendant. Approximate width is 16 mm, height 20 mm. This delightful petite pendant can accommodate a chain-clasp or thong of up to 6mm.Weight is approximate 4 grams. The small green amber is cut into an oval shape and then mounted on an oval cup of sterling silver.

oval cut amber pendant

Oval cut on Ornate setting

£19.95 - Oval cut amber set on a carefully worked mount of sterling silver with leaf decor. Approximately 20mm Wide by 25mm high. As you can see on the right it looks more orange when worn directly on lightly tanned skin. A reasonably sized weight of just over eight grams.

cognac amber pendant

Cognac Amber pendant

£18.95- An oval cut cognac amber set on a contemporary design of sterling silver pendant. Approximate W 20 mm x25 H. Weight 9 grams. It makes a very inexpensive gift of silver jewellery and comes in gift wrapped in its own box.

oval cognac amber in a swril of silver

Oval Cognac Amber in a Swirl

£11.95 - An oval shaped cognac amber cradled by tear drop shaped silver frame. Within that frame is a beautiful swirl of silver with a small ball. It weighs almost five grams and its small to medium size is 15 mm wide by 30 mm high. The amber itself is a dark cognac, oval shape which measures 5 mm x 14 mm. The amber is a dome with a depth of 5 mm. It rests on a plinth of silver, supported by the swirl and the arms of the tear drop shape.

oval cut amber pendant on neck

As you can see the cognac amber pendant is a bright and colourful adornment that brings sunshine into a rainy day.

cognac amber pendant on neck

As you can see the cognac oval is a moderately sized pendant, both elegant and subtle.