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Silver Rings

Please ensure that you have the correct ring size before making the order as delays can be experienced in dealing with exchanging for the correct size. Please refer to our ring sizing chart

plain silver ring

Pregnancy and Wearing Rings

Much has been said about wearing rings whilst pregnant. The reason why sometimes fingers swell is not due to the pregnancy itself but some of the side effects associated with pregnancy such as high blood pressure and water retention. When you see signs of finger swelling it is advisable to remove the ring and store in a safe place until after the baby is born. If its a wedding ring then perhaps consider wearing the ring on a necklace chain

Ring Stuck on your Finger

If your ring is stuck on your finger the easiest method we have found to remove it is to spray onto the finger some "WD40" which is an electrolyte lubricant. It relaxes the finger muscles whilst at the same time lubricates the ring.

Rings in Ancient Times

Rings have been worn throughout the ages. Their history can be traced back to early civilisations. Since ancient Egyptian times the ring has been considered a symbol of eternity.

You can learn how are silver rings are made from our guide on soldering silver jewellery, which uses one of our silver rings as an example in the jewellery making process. You can keep your rings clean and shiny with one of our polish clothes

hand silver ringPlain Silver Rings An attractive selection of contemporary rings in plain silver. A variety of different sizes and designs. Suitable for both men and women. The range includes this stunning hand ring which is an unusual example of a ring on a finger which is then on another finger.
amber ringsAmber Rings A new collection of silver rings set with amber. Some of these rings were available from before it amalgamated with A lovely little collection of silver rings that all use real amber as a setting.
silver ring with turquoiseRings with Gemstones A range of beautiful silver rings with semi-precious stones including zircons, garnets, amethyst, blue-topaz, amber and rose-quartz. This stunning round cut turquoise ring makes a marvellous present of jewellery.
silver toe ringsSilver Toe-Rings
| Toe-rings with crystal stones Add sparkle or colour to your metatarsals with a selection of toe rings all cast from sterling silver. There are some in plain silver designs whilst others have gemstone or crystal settings.
full finger length ringFull Finger Length Rings
Silver rings which covers the full finger. These armoury rings are not simply Goth Jewellery but classical jewellery for anyone to wear and enjoy.
silver bat ringbat ring
A unique silver bat ring that spreads its wings over two fingers.
padre-neustro ringpadre-neustro ring
The definitive item of Christian jewellery. Inscribed with the lords prayer this solid ring is made from high quality stainless steel.
skull ringskull ring
The iconic silver skull ring. This chunky silver ring spans four decades of changing fashions and remains a favourite in many jewellery boxes.