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Necklaces with Real Gemstones

Notwithstanding their modest price they are all hand-made to high standards. The necklaces are for all seasons and can be worn with almost any outfit. No nickel or other allergy sensitive metals have been used. As with our silver jewellery all items are dispatched in a free drawstring bag.

rose quartz necklace

All these necklaces use only natural gemstones. There are so many myths and legends surrounding rock crystals and gemstones, including they represent good health and good fortune. What you believe in is the important factor.

model wearing turquoise on shell necklace
A gem necklace with turquoise and shell

Original and unique hand-crafted necklaces

Turquoise on shell necklace

£2.95 - An eighteen inch (45.72 cm) gem necklace with turquoise and shell. A triangle of a darker brown shell in laid upon a larger lighter brown shell. It is then suspended from three strands of small turquoise beads. Those beads are spaced with a 20 mm cylindrical wooden bead made from a light soft wood. Above the shell are two swirls of coiled wire that add to the aesthetic appeal of the necklace.

shiva shell inlaid on paua shell hung from turquoise beaded necklace

Shiva-Shell on Paua-shell necklace

A gemstone necklace composed of a shiva-shell, framed by paua-shell, suspended from a turquoise beaded necklace. This gemstones are inlaid on a black resin base which is 5 mm deep. The pendant is 45 mm W x 53mm H.and has two swirls of coil-wire as an additional design feature. Eight turquoise dyed cords funnel into a metal spring loaded ring clasp. The paua-shells are naturally found in New Zealand and have been painstakingly polished to produce their shine of resplendent green colours. The cords are decorated with small turquoise beads and coil. We also have a silver paua-shell pendant

red hearts glass necklace

Red Hearts and Pearl

£9.95 - This gorgeous glass heart necklace has a heavy quality feel about it and can be worn with any dress. Real pearls are used to blend with the natural pinks and reds. A romantic and colourful gift of jewellery.

turquoise beaded necklace with red coral pendant

Red Coral Necklace

£3.95 - Turquoise beads strung on three seventeen inch strands. Suspended from two matching rings is a stunning rectangle of resin mounted on coconut wood. The resin is mixed with fragments of natural sponge red coral. This large coral pendant measures a large 48 mm wide by 66 mm high. It is a thick 5 mm deep and is arched in shape. We also have a real red coral pendant on silver. The necklace length is 18 inches (45.72 cm) and is secured by a round coconut bead that slides into a loop at its opposite end. Notwithstanding its relatively inexpensive price tag we can assure you the necklace is made using genuine real coral that has naturally been washed ashore.

Magenta Shells

rose quartz on models neck

£4.95 - Real natural shells dyed in a strong Magenta colour and suspended from six, beaded strings, create this stunning 16 inch choker. The Magenta is a wonderful colour when set against a black backdrop. The shells are space with small round semi-translucent beads of a similar shade of purple.