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Necklaces with natural Sea-Shells


Whether its a romantic stroll along a beach or a night out on the town, these shell necklaces will attract the eye. All our chokers and necklaces are made with natural and not synthetic shells. The clasps use a non-nickel base-metal avoiding any risk of allergic reaction.

In our Plymouth shops we have dozens more designs, with many for only £1.99 each. As we are directly involved with the manufacture of the necklaces the costs have been kept to a minimum which is why you can expect to pay a lot more for the same necklace elsewhere.

starfish shell necklace


£3.95 - A beautiful turquoise necklace with a composite of shells. The centrepiece of the composite pendant is a starfish shaped shell. This highly detailed necklace is hand made using only real shells and small turquoise beads. It has a length of 18 inches (45 cm) and is fastened by a unique button that hooks into a beaded loop at the opposite end. The pendant is a large 59mm in diameter, The starfish is bordered by an inlay of swirling shiva shell fragments.

paua shell necklace

Paua-shell/mother of pearl

£2.95 - A large 60 mm diameter disc of polished shell suspended from three strings of small black beads. The sea-shell is flanked by a series of mother of pearl segments. The golden white colour of the mother of pearl is enhanced by the neutral black beads. This beautiful hand-made choker is clasped by a beaded loop fitting over a button sewn into one end of the choker. It is approximately 16 inches. (40,6 cm) making it an ideal choker length.

three shells

Three shells

£2.95 - Small, medium and large shells suspended from a dark beaded choker. Its approximate length is 16 inches.(40.6 cm) The diameter of the largest shell is approximately 60 mm and the smallest is 38 cm. The small beads are a dark silver colour. There are an additional two chunks of sea shell that decorate the beaded necklace threads.

blue shell necklace

Blue shell necklace and ear-ring set

£7.95 - Hand-made necklace composed of blue shell on an antique finish base-metal (nickel free) chain with a matching pair of ear-rings. Only £7.95 the set. The chain is 18 inches (45 cm). The chunky flakes of shell are electric blue in colour are attached to the chain by jump rings.

round shell necklace

Round Shell

£2.95 A superb round shell necklace. The donut shape shell measures roughly 60 mm in diameter and is suspended on six strands of small black beads. 18 inches (45 cm) in length it fastens by a looping one end over a round black button bead fixed to the opposite end. The shell is dome in shape.

shells on black beaded necklace

shell discs on black beaded necklace

£4.95 Nineteen Discs of iridescent shell suspended from two strings of black beads make this creative and expansive necklace. Each disc has a diameter of 16 mm and the necklace length 18 inches (45 cm). As you can see the large shell necklace will look equally stunning directly over the neck or over attire

necklace made from mulitple discs of shell

shells on white beaded necklace

shells discs on white beaded necklace

£4.95 Once again nineteen Discs of iridescent shell but this time suspended from two strings of white beads. Approximate necklace length 18 Inches (45 cm). The multiple discs of shells create a true summers day necklace.

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