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Plain Silver Bangles

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7 linked silver bangles
7 linked bangles

Seven plain silver bangles linked into one


silver bangle with zig-zag pattern
ZigZag Bangle

silver bangle with a zig-zag pattern


braided cuff bangle
Braided Cuff Bangle

A heavy-weight sterling silver braided cuff bangle


curved twist bangle
Curved Twist

A silver cuff bangle with a sleek curved twist.


waved twist bangle
Waved twist Bangle

A cuff bangle composed from a waved twist of silver


spherical silver bangle
spherical bangle

A bangle which is clasped by a sphere of silver


slim all round bangle
Slim Bangle

A slim plain silver bangle decorated with small balls


round plain Silver bangle
Round Plain Silver

A classical round plain sterling silver bangle


all round engraved silver bangle
Round Engraved Bangle

A plain round silver bangle that swivels open


twist bangle
Twist bangle

A cuff bangle with a subtle twist


balls bangle
Balls Bangle

A cuff bangle with silver balls


hammered torque bangle
Hammered Torque

A silver torque bangle with hammered effect


Pages of plain silver bangles

lady wearing silver torque bangle

This lady shows off her silver torque bangle. Some of the Bangles are unique and their design cannot be found elsewhere

The darkened portions of some of the designs are created when the silver has been deliberately left in an unpolished condition, after it has been annealed. The raised surfaces are polished in the usual way which brings out the reflective shine commonly associated with silver.

silver bangle in a night scene

Plain silver Bangles. One of the features of the plain silver design is that it will blend with any colour shirt or sleeve that you care to wear it with.

On this page we have a range that it is suitable for both men and women. It includes unique designs such as the square bangle. One of the greatest features of the plain silver design is that it will match almost any design or colour of apparel and can be a worn all year round no matter what the season.