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Silver and Steel Cufflinks

UK flag silver cufflinksUK Flags
£49.95 - The red, white and blue colours of the infamous union jack flag
fire design cufflinksFire Cufflinks
£23.95 - cufflinks with an unusual pattern, similar to the flames of a fire, etched into the silver.
silver cufflinks with four swirlsFour swirls
£22.95 - A decorative style of smooth curves of silver create these stunning cufflinks.
pentagram cufflinksPentagrams
£6.95 - Pentagram Cufflinks cast in Stainless Steeel
celtic cufflinksCeltic Cufflinks
£6.95 - Celtic Cufflinks cast in Stainless Steeel

Silver Cufflinks no longer in stock

blue mother of pearl cufflinksBlue Mother of pearl
£22.95 - sold out - Classic styling incorporating a lovely light blue colour of mother of pearl
malachite cufflinksMalachite cufflinks
£38.95 - sold out -A pair which cleverly uses Malachite from South America that blends a rich cornucopia of green colour with the neutrality of shining silver.
paua-shell cufflinks Paua-shell
£37.95 - sold out -This magical shell from New Zealand radiates a rich variety of colour to make these cufflinks really stand out.
gecko silver cufflinksGeckos
£48.95 - sold out - A pair of geckos captured in fine detail on these novel shirt accessories.
white mother of pearl cufflinksWhite cufflinks
£46.95 - sold out -The off white reflective mother of pearl allows these cufflinks to combine with almost any colour of shirt.