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UK flag silver cufflinks
UK Flags

The red, white and blue colours of the infamous union jack flag.


fire design cufflinks
Fire Cufflinks

Cufflinks with an unusual pattern, similar to the flames of a fire, etched into the silver.


silver cufflinks with four swirls
Four swirls

A decorative style of smooth curves of silver create these stunning cufflinks.


celtic cufflinks
Celtic Cufflinks

Celtic Cufflinks cast in Stainless Steeel


stainless steel campervan cufflinks
campervan cufflinks

Stainless steel campervan cufflinks.


stainless speedometer cufflinks
speedometer cufflinks

Speedometer cufflinks with blue background in the face of the dial.


stainless steel uk flag cufflinks
UK Flag cufflinks

The popular stainless steel version of the Uk flag.


stainless steel ace of spades cufflinks
Ace of Spades cufflinks

A set of cards with the Ace of Spades as the top card


stainless steel clock face cufflinks
clock cufflinks

Stainless steel clock face cufflinks.


white mother of pearl cufflinks
White cufflinks

The off white reflective mother of pearl allows these cufflinks to combine with almost any colour of shirt.

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pentagram cufflinks

Pentagram Cufflinks cast in Stainless Steeel

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malachite cufflinks
Malachite cufflinks

A pair which cleverly uses Malachite from South America that blends a rich cornucopia of green colour with the neutrality of shining silver.

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The first mass production of cufflinks used a device based on a machine used for making cartridge shells during the American Civil War. It became very popular with American businesses, who engraved the cufflink with their trademarks and advertising.

Cuff links are the the ideal gentleman's present of jewellery. They compliment any shirt cuff adding a touch of sophistication to that evening out. Each pair is dispatched in a gift box and make a lasting gift. Moreover since only real silver is used there is no worry over any gilt peeling off, as so often happens with their counterparts made from inferior metals.

The cufflink is only suitable for a shirt that has a button hole on both sides and does not already have shirt buttons. With minor embroidery skills however, it is relatively easy to cut off the button and stitch in that extra hole.

The cuff-links are constructed from 92.5% silver and 7.5% Copper (to add strength to their design). Provided they are kept polished the cuff-links should last for many years. We suggest using a suitable silver polish cloth to remove any excessive tarnishing that may attract over the polished surface of the cuff link.

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paua-shell cufflinks

This magical shell from New Zealand radiates a rich variety of colour to make these cufflinks really stand out.

blue mother of pearl cufflinks
Blue Mother of pearl

Classic styling incorporating a lovely light blue colour of mother of pearl.

gecko silver cufflinks

A pair of geckos captured in fine detail on these novel shirt accessories.