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Silver Dangle Earrings

simply silver earringssimply silver
£6.95 - Simple and yet so sublime, this ultra stylish pair will instantly update your style. The curves and twists of silver radiate shimmering silver.
silver earrings with mystic quartz mystic quartz £14.95 - Oval shaped mystic quartz silver earrings. There is also a matching necklace.
swirl of white zircons white Zircons
£6.95 - Add sparkle and panache with a swirl of white zircons (or imitation diamonds) set on these glitzy earrings.
mother of pearl earrings mother of pearl
£9.95 - This desirable shell has never looked so better than in these stunning earrings.
silver pentagram earrings pentagrams
£7.95 - A five pointed star that is an essential item for the jewellery box of those who have an interest in cults or mystic influences.
mother of pearl drop earringsmother of pearl
£16.95 - An eye catching design with an assortment of colour that will brighten your appearance. This jewellery is particularly bright and colourful to suit that spring or summer dress.
flower earringsflower earrings
£9.95 - A flower of assorted colour all made from mother of pearl. These stunning shades of mother of pearl blend to form a colourful pair of earrings.
amethyst earringsamethyst
£7.95 - Real Amethyst Crystals are used to make these natural and stylish earrings
silver earrings with crystal hearts crystal hearts £9.95 - Heart shaped crystals suspended from silver hooks.
disc shaped earringsdisc ear-rings
£9.95 - A pair of pink and blue mother of pearl earrings in an attractive disc shape.
silver earrings with pearlpearl
£9.95 - Natural pearls in pastel colours suspended from a round hoop of silver. Natural pearls in jewellery date back to ancient times and these earrings propel that ancient magic into modern times.
white pearl earringsWhite Pearl Earrings
£9.95 - hand made from sterling silver, the mother of pearl is beautifully cut to enhance their natural appeal.