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Silver Hoop Earrings

model wearing hoop earrings

The Silverstall lady proudly displaying her hoop earrings that will enhance and compliment any style.

lady wearing hoop earrings

Unless otherwise stated all the hoops fit the standard ear-piercing size -.8mm

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The Silverstall hoops are renown for their reliability and sensitivity. With no nickel to be found it pays not to risk allergic infections often associated with cheaper metals.

Hoops in our Shop

The following hoops are no longer available online although similar ones may be available in our shops. square tube silver hoop earrings£3.75 - Square hoop (if such a term exists) earrings. An unusual and unique style of jewellery.

silver hoop earrings with a heart

£5.95 - An adorable pair of silver hoop earrings with a dangling heart as their eye-catching centrepiece.

large hoop earrings

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bali silver hoops


£5.95 - Bali hoop earrings in their classical style. These decorative hoop earrings are versatile and remain as popular today as they have been for decades. A classical design of earring.

large plain hoops

large plain

£8.95 - large in size and large in style. An essential accessory that is rarely out of fashion and creates a statement of simple yet stylish panache. The hoops have a unique square cut.

plain silver hoop earrings

Plain medium

£3.95 - Small to medium size hoops in a plain classical style, which are ideal for everyday use. Their 1.2 mm thick tubing provide a lovely smooth and unique look. Rarely can you buy such an iconic piece for silver jewellery for such a comparatively modest sum

square tube hoop earrings

square tubular hoops

£7.50 - A square silver tube is fashioned to create these unique and chunky hoop ear-rings.

small bali hoop earrings

Small Bali

£3.95 - A crystal centred in a bali style hoop earring. Available in either pink or blue, these square crystals sit perfectly on a backdrop of decorated silver.

mega silver hoop earrings

Mega hoop earrings

£15.95 - Mega size - not for the feint hearted, these gigantic sized hoops are extremely visible from any distance. They are constructed from sterling silver and have a generous 1.2 mm thick tubing. Available in two sizes.

small decorative hoops

Decorative hoops

£5.95 - A pair of small decorative hoop earrings. These sophisticated hoops are embossed with an ancient Greek pattern giving them a classical appeal.

large creoles

large Creoles

£14.95 - Eye catching large creoles. A highly desirable pair of hoop earrings in the traditional creole styling.

hoops with a ball

Hoops with a Ball

A pair of plain hoops with a silver ball in the centre of the hoop

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The selection on this page and the next page represent a sample of the range sold in our Uk jewellery shops.

Silver Hoops are commonly known as sleepers. Their function is to retain and maintain the ear -piercing whilst you are asleep so that the hole does not shrink or grow over in case you forget to put in an earring the following morning.

two girls wearing silver hoop earrings

These timeless classics will never be out of fashion. They denote a sense of style and unlike gold hoops their relatively modest price means losing one will not be a financial burden. Moreover to the eye there is nothing to distinguish them from white gold or Platinum which are far more expensive.

From mega size to Bali style, we hope that we can find you the earrings you desire. All of them employ a unique silver wire hinged into the tube for easy fastening.

mega sized hoops on girl