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What is Mystic Quartz?

Mystic quartz is essentially a clear rock crystal that has been cut and then a very thin layer of titanium has been applied to its surface. Its distinguished from ordinary crystal by its unique blend of purple and green colours.

The array of colours is produced from the application of heat (or sometimes high voltage electricity) to Titanium. The resulting Titanium oxide is bonded to the clear crystal and this produces colours that are similar to a soap bubble except its beauty is permanent.

Titanium was first discovered and mined in Cornwall so its arguable that Mystic quartz is a true Cornish gemstone.

Mystic Quartz Earrings

silver earrings with pink and blue mother of pearl

- A pair of sterling silver drop earrings set with an oval shaped mystic quartz stone. The unique qualities of the mystic quartz reflect and refract light in a stunning array of purple and green colours.


Dimensions of Earrings

Each of these gorgeous stones measures 10 mm by 15 mm. They are a quite deep 7 mm and together the pair weighs approximately 6 grams.

Mystic Quartz Necklace

sterling silver mystic quartz necklace

A stunning oval shaped silver pendant set with a mystic quartz gemstone. The beautiful pendant is suspended from an 18 inch (45 cm) silver chain that has a spring loaded ring clasp.


Dimensions of Necklace

The crystal itself measures 13 mm across by 19 mm in height. It is a well-proportioned item that is approximately 5 mm deep while the pendant itself weighs 6 grams.

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