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Decorate and accessorize your attire with this modern and stylish design.

The beauty of the silver is that its neutrality will integrate with any colour scheme of dress. Moreover the simplicity of the design will add subtlety and style to your outfit.

No age group boundaries appear to exist and this necklace has been worn by young and old alike.

Please note we only have one of these necklaces left.

chain link silver necklace

Style with Panache

£19.95 - A sterling silver designer necklace composed of large round chain links. Each circular link is carefully patterned with a series of subtle twists to give the necklace detail and style. Cast from sterling silver this durable yet lightweight necklace will make an enduring gift of jewellery to anyone.

T Bar Clasp

t bar clasp for necklace

The necklace is clasped by a long t-bar which hooks into any of the links. Therefore although the necklace is 16 inches long it can be worn as a shorter choker style. The generously sized T-bar means it is perfect for those with less than nimble fingers.

silver necklace with a round link

Dimensions of Necklace

It is 16 inches (40.6 cm) in length and weighs 14 grams. Each round link has a diameter of 15 mm and the end T-Bar is 35 mm long.