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Silver Starfish Necklace

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silver Bangle with a large round turquoise stone

These are a range of necklaces that use only pure sterling silver for their construction with no added stones or other materials. One of the many reasons why a necklace makes such a great gift idea is that you have no anxiety over getting the right size.

large chain link silver necklace

Large Chain Link

An interesting and unique design of a large chain link necklace with T-bar clasp.

silver Bangle with a round turquoise


A stunning and highly fashionable silver starfish necklace. This stunning asymmetrical starfish is manufactured from sterling silver and suspends from a 40.62 cm (16") snake chain. £15.95

silver starfish

The combined weight of the pendant and chain is approximately 8 grams. The starfish measures 30 mm between its furthest points. The chain has a diameter of 1 mm and threads through a loop hole a concealed in the upper arm of the starfish. A treat for those who love silver jewellery. Underneath the starfish is a pattern of raised silver edging, so you can if desired wear the reverse side facing outwards.