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All our red-coral jewellery is made using coral that has naturally died and has washed ashore. It is then dyed in red mangrove. No actual live red coral was used to make any of of our red coral jewellery.

For the heart necklace please click on the link to see further details. The necklaces can be purchased on this page using the buttons below.

Sterling Silver Necklaces with a setting of Red Coral

red coral on silver necklace
silver necklace with pendeloque red coral
large red coral heart silver necklace
silver earrings with tear drop red coral

Customers who bought this necklace also bought their matching silver earrings:- red coral silver earrings silver earrings with pendeloque shaped red coral

Both pairs are currently only £11.95 each.

In addition to the silver necklaces we also have a stunning red coral pendant that can be hung from leather or a chain.