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The incandescent dichroic glass reflects a resplendent array of rainbow colours. The glass is captured in a hand crafted silver pendant with a unique lined pattern on its border.

The variety of colours which it reflect, means it can be worn with a whole range of different outfits.

You can learn more information on dichroic glass including its unique properties.

dichroic glass silver pendant

Rainbow Colours

£19.95 An oval shape of radiant dichroic glass set on a pendant carefully hand-crafted from sterling silver. The rainbow colours are enhanced by the reflective silver mount. The pendant bale is decorated with a finely detailed and ornate pattern of swirls and spheres. The deep setting of the mount, gives the pendant a solid and luxurious feel. The ornate setting has an antique feel reminiscent of Vicotorian jewellery, yet it houses a truly contemporary item.

Pendant Dimensions

pendant with ornate clasp

This scintillating pendant weighs an impressive 18 grams and measures approximately 22mm x 25 mm. Its clasp will accommodate a chain or thong of up to 8 mm thick.