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About our Red Coral.

Coral itself is an endangered species due to pollution and climate change. We value the preservation of the coral reefs consequently we endeavour to make sure that the coral is not removed from these reefs. The coral we use has been washed ashore form natural wastage and not broken off by human activity. The Red Mango that is used is similarly found off the coast of Thailand.

please note that although similar in design this pendant is 4 mm narrower than the one previously shown.

red sponge coral pendant

Red Sponge Coral

£9.95 - Natural red sponge Coral. The colour is enhanced with a natural red mangrove dye. The coral is set inside a sterling silver rectangular mount with rounded corners. The mount has deep sides in order to protect and preserve the precious coral. The surface of the coral has been filed and sanded to a lovely curved and smooth surface. A very light varnish has then been applied to the coral to once again act as a preservative and also to give it a matt sheen. A medium size pendant that weighs four grams.

side profile of red coral pendant

Dimensions of red Coral pendant

The silver base is a deep rectangle shape and measures 11 mm Wide by 27 mm High. Its depth is emphasized by this photograph which shows its deep setting of about 5 mm. In past civilizations it is claimed that Red Coral acts as a warning of impending ill-health by changing its colour from red to white. Furthermore it is said to fend off nightmares and wearing it will help its wearer gain a peaceful nights sleep.

As an alternative to this pendant we also have silver necklaces that use red coral as both the silver and red colours combine to produce some really colourful and natural looking jewellery. For something a little larger and less expensive there are also our necklaces with real gemstones that can add a natural feel to any outfit for any event.