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An Energetic and resourceful sign represented by a Ram. Lively and witty they are Fire signs and mix well with the fellow fire signs of Sagittarius and Leo.

The Ram pendant is so detailed that you can see its eyes. The posture of the Ram is set in a walking position so as to animate the design.

pendant of the zodiac sign aires

The Astrological Sign of Aires

£5.95 - A special and inimitable gift of silver jewellery. A silver pendant of the zodiac sign of aires. The astrology sign of aires is a fire sign and its celebrities include Elton John and TV host Graham Norton. They can be the wittiest of all signs however sometimes they can turn their own dark wit onto themselves in sudden fits of morbid and depressive behaviour. generally however they are a cheery lot.

Dimensions of Aires Pendant

Weighing two to three grams of excellence in silver. Aires are optimistic and perfectionists and this pendant symbolizes that perfection. They are considered to be thoughtful and have the capability of leaving emotions to one side while they think purely rationally with their head.