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Taurus are peaceful and intelligent people. They usually excel at their chosen career and can be quite dogmatic and determined at achieving their goals. They are best suited to Virgos and Capricorn.

Well known Taurus personalities include footballer, David Beckham. Adolph Hitler was a Taurus - born on the 20th April 1889. TV presenters Richard and Judy are likewise a well known Taurus couple.

pendant of the zodiac sign taurus

The Zodiac Sign of Taurus

£5.95- The Earth sign of Taurus is represented by a hand made silver pendant of the Taurus Bull. The jewellery loving Taurus will respect this unique gift of silver. This pendant ought to appeal to those under the house of Taurus as they can be quite creative with their creativity being inherited from their ruling Planet - Venus - which is associated with creators.

Dimensions of Silver Bull Pendant

The meticulously hand-crafted pendant looks great on either leather of silver. It is about 3 grams in weight and is stamped 925 to denote that sterling silver is used for the piece. It need not be used purely as a sign of taurus. Instead it makes a wonderful ornamental replica of a bull which makes a wonderful present of jewellery fro the matador in your life.