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The shell of the crab is considered to represent its dwelling or home. This is thought to mean that cancerians enjoy their own home more than most. It also means they tend to retreat to their own shell when faced with conflict or strife.

Those born under cancer give family values high priority although they can be deeply mysterious. Whilst sometimes they can be the life and soul of a party on other occasions they can be torn by the turbulent forces of self-introspection.

pendant of the zodiac sign cancer

The Astrological Sign of Cancer.

£5.95 - A silver pendant portraying the astrological sign of cancer. The ideal gift of silver jewellery to Cancerians. The crab is cast from sterling silver. The zodiac sign of cancer is a water sign and famous cancerians include the singer George Michael.

Dimensions of Cancer Pendant

The pendant weighs approximately two to three grams in and is made from sterling silver. Cancerians make great partners for Scorpions and those born under Pisces. The eight legs of the crab are solidly welded to the shell body with the pendant bale being cradled by the two claws of the crab.