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Highly motivated individuals who are career minded and hard-working. Capricorns do have a tendency now and again to wander off into a world of their own. Elvis Presley is among many famous capricorns.

Capricorn is an Earth and consequently best matched with the earth signs of taurus and Virgo.

pendant of the zodiac sign capricorn

The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn.

£5.95 - A sterling silver pendant detailing the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The astrology sign of Capricorn is an earth sign and famous capricorns include the psychologist Dr.S.Banga. The finely detailed pendant shows the goat complete with horns and beard.

Dimensions of Capricorn Pendant

The symbol of the goat is brought to life with this intricate silver pendant weighing about two and half grams. The fine detail amplifies the significant horns of the goat. Although sometimes capricious by name and capricious by nature, Capricorns nonetheless have a strong sense of family and commit themselves to being parents with exceptional dedication.