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The sign is depicted by a pair of twins indicating that Gemini's like to share their thought and emotions as much as possible with others.

As an Air sign they are compatible with the other Air signs of Libra and Aquarius. Our Silver jewelers Yiwen Tang and Tom Argyle are fine examples of this match - although expect the odd flying coffee cup.

pendant of the zodiac sign gemini

The Astrological Sign of Gemini.

£5.95 - A silver pendant detailing the twins of the star sign Gemini. A truly personal present of silver jewellery for Gemini people. The astrology sign of Gemini is an air sign and famous gemini's include the comedian Les Dawson and former Beatles legend - Sir Paul McCartney.

Dimensions of Pendant

Finely detailed sterling silver depicting the twins of gemini. It weighs approximately two grams and is sent in its own protective pouch. A chain or thong is a suitable accessory for this stunning silver pendant.