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The astrological Leo sign is a fire sign and Leo celebrities include the actress and singer Madonna.

King of the animals, this sign is articulate and witty. It is also creative and enjoys attention but sometimes forgetting that others may seek their attention. As with its animal representative the lion, it likes to be king of the jungle.

Leos are extremely proud people and this pendant ought to take pride of place in their jewellery box.

pendant of the zodiac sign leo

A Pendant of a Lion

£5.95- Lucky leos will love this sterling silver pendant molded into the shape of the lion. It need not however be reserved purely for the zodiac sign as this item of Lion jewellery can also be worn by big cat lovers or anyone with an association to the lion. This Zodiac sign is often associated with those who are assertive or in the eyes of some "bossy".

Pendant Specifications

The pendant can be worn with a cord or chain. It is roughly 2 to 3 grams in weight and is cast from sterling silver throughout. Leos are best suited with Sagittarius and aires because they are fire signs.