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The traditional set of weighing scales is the image associated with this sign. Many consider that a commensurate balance of material and emotional matters is essential to Libran people. Librans enjoy being in control and like to have their lives well-balanced.

As an Air sign they get on well with the other Air signs of Gemini and Aquarius.

pendant of the zodiac sign libra

The Astrological Sign of Libra

£5.95 - Hand crafted from sterling silver, the pendant portrays the star sign of Libra. The zodiac symbol for Libra reflects their personality of being well balanced. Famous Libras include the former U.k. prime minister Margaret Thatcher. The pendant has the detail of an ornate and decorative pair of scales.

Dimensions of Libra pendant

The Libra pendant weighs between 2 to 3 grams and is made completely from sterling silver. The enduring quality will mean it will remain as a treasured memento to the libran benefactor.