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Extremely artistic and imaginative, those who are pisces can often be artists or illustrators. They are visionary and have a remarkable sixth sense of premonition. They are far sighted as well as being fun to have around.

An obvious water sign their ideal partners are either Cancer or Scorpio. The major fault of aquarius is they can sometimes appear aloof and a little cold to others emotions.

pendant of the zodiac sign pisces

The Astrological Sign of Pisces.

£5.95 - The water sign of Pisces is wonderfully captured in this silver pendant. A truly personal item of silver jewellery. Famous pisces include the celebrity come dancing presenter Bruce Forsthyh. The zodiac sign of pisces is represented by a pair of mytholgical fish which are swimming in opposite directions.

Pendant Dimensions

The silver fish pendant weighs approximately three grams and is sent in its own velvet pouch. A must have keepsake of jewellery for those who are pisces.