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The symbolic girl is considered by many to be that of a virgin maiden. The personality of a Virgo is therefore though to be pure and devoid of carnal thoughts or deeds. For this reason Virgos are analytical and sometimes too critical.

Since Virgo is an Earth sign they are best matched with the similar earth signs of taurus and Capricorn.

pendant of the zodiac sign virgo

The Zodiac Sign of Virgo.

£5.95 - A silver pendant depicting the zodiac sign of Virgo. The hand carved pendant is made from sterling quality silver throughout. A touching gift of silver jewellery. Actress and singer
Kylie Minouge is a famous virgo celebrity. The constellation of Virgo it is claimed represents "Astraea", the virgin daughter of the goddess "Themis" and the god "Zeus"

Dimensions of Virgo Pendant

Between 2 to 3 grams of finely detailed silver work create this outstanding silver pendant. A lovely little gift especially for those born under the Virgo sign.