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Armoury Rings

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This superbly precision made armoury ring, has a range of uses. Aside from being a fashion accessory popularised by the Goth community, they are also useful as a protective shield in a number of uses. For example keepers of birds of prey sometimes wear them to protect their fingers from the birds claws.

Some customers have bought this ring to assist the support of a broken finger.

Others have bought it as an accessory to adult wear.

Sometimes this masterpiece of silver jewellery is referred to as a claw ring. Its exact definition is speculative however one thing is for certain - wearing it will get you noticed.

The rivets are cast from sterling silver which guarantees this extraordinary item of silver jewellery will not suffer from getting wet and can be worn constantly.

armoury ring

Armoury Ring

- A solid silver full length finger ring. It is composed of four sections that swivel in order to provide flexibility and comfort. The uppermost section is vented and decorated in a mediaeval style similar to that of a suit of armour or falconry hood. The lowest or fingertip section is similarly vented,

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Dimensions of Ring

silver armoury ring

The ring is composed of four hinged sections of sterling silver. The finger tip segment is clawed with a pointed tip. The weight of the ring is approximately 70 grams and it measures 97 mm in length. It is available in a large size. There are two rings which the finger runs through. The first ring (nearest the hand) is a size Z+2 while the second ring (nearest the finger tip) is a size J so it will fit most average to large fingers.

silver claw ring

Claw Ring

A full finger length Silver ring. Three sections of the ring are hinge-pivoted together, so the ring moves freely with finger movement. A classic design of armoury ring, which spans over the centuries. The uppermost and lower sections have split shanks making them fully adjustable to fit any ring size. This armoury ring is composed of three sections that all swivel on each other to create a stunning full length armoury ring.

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The armory (or armoury) ring is also referred to as a claw ring, since some say it resembles a claw, particularly that of an eagle.

three piece silver ring

Dimensions of Claw Ring

This ring weighs 32 grams and measures approximately 94 mm in length. The upper and lower sections have adjustable rings welded onto them. This enables the ring to be worn by a wide range of finger sizes.