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Marcasite Silver Ring

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marcasite ring with multi-gems
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A stunning and colourful array of gemstones, creates this beautiful dress ring. The oval cut stones are bordered by a classical looking row of marcasite stones. This masterpiece of silver work will never be out of fashion and will makes a superb gift of silver jewellery.

The rich selection of colour permits this ring to be worn with a wide variety of dress.

silver marcasite ring

Marcasite multi gemstone ring

A variety of semi-precious stones set on a marcasite silver ring. The marcasite stones decorate the border and effectively frame the rich abundance of colour displayed by these mixed gemstones. The gemstones are faceted and cut to bring out their true colour.


All stones on the ring are claw-set. This superb ring is available in sizes 'N' - 'O' - 'Q'

Dimensions of Silver Ring

marcasite ring on hand

The body of the ring is supported by a shank which divides into two curved arms. The centre stone is a Garnet flanked by two Amethysts. Above and below the garnet are two peridots, whilst extra colour is added with two bright carnelians and light blue topaz. The approximate weight is 7 grams. The ring is stamped 925 and is composed of sterling quality silver (i.e. no less than 92.5% pure silver).

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