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As no one shell is identical to another there may be a mild modification in the swirl pattern however in all other respects the ring you receive will be identical. The ring is posted in a free hand-made gift box. Those who bought the shiva shell ring also purchased the shiva-shell-bangle or for a more flexible wrist accessory a shiva shell bracelet

The photograph below displays a side profile of this stunning shell ring.

Side profile of shiva shell ring

Stunning Shell Jewellery.

shiva shell set on silver ring

£9.95 - A cross section from one of natures most fascinating shells enclosed within a sterling silver ring. The natural swirl of the shell creates a distinctive and special piece of silver jewellery. Available only in size P.

Dimensions of Shiva shell Ring

The unique colour of the interior of a Shiva shell (sometimes spelt chiva) is characterized by its natural green and brown swirls. This adorable silver ring weighs approximately four grams. (variable with size). The ring shank is 3mm wide, whilst the diameter of the shell is 14 mm. The well proportioned round silver mount is a generous 5 mm in depth.

Should you wish to fully accessorize we also have a matching shiva shell pendant