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England Flag Stud Earrings

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Whether you wish to demonstrate a sense of patriotism or whether you just like the colours, these novel studs will not fail to please.

Essential jewellery for a night at the proms or an English sporting competition.

The red and white can also be used to combine with similar coloured outfits.

engand-flag stud earrings

St.Georges Cross

The football season's must have accessory. A pair of sterling silver stud ear-rings with the England Flag captured under a dome of clear resin. The infamous St. Georges Cross is captured in this simple but highly effective item of jewellery. This is an essential item of jewellery for any international sports tournament, when the St.Georges flag becomes both a symbol of patriotism and a fashion statement.


england flag ear-rings

Stud Earring Dimensions

The stud post is the standard .7 mm thick and and 10 mm in length. Each flag has a diameter of 5 mm and weighs up to a gram of solid hall-marked sterling silver. The top is domed to highlight the colours of the flag.