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Silver Bangles

wide silver cuff bangleJust silver designs | plain bangles | cuff bangles | Designer Silver Bangles
A superb selection of sterling silver bangles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the bangles are built to fit all the way around the wrist whilst others are cuff style which simply slide over your wrist. All of them represent the very latest in silver jewellery design and hold great appeal for the fashion savvy.
amber bangleAmber Bangles
A plethora of amber bangles that include both the traditional cognac colours and a variety of green amber. This ancient and revered amber is the perfect companion to silver jewellery. A sought-after and highly desirable accessory which can be worn by anyone at any time. Each amber is carefully cut and mounted on a bed of shining silver.
Mother of pearl bangleMother of Pearl | bangles inlaid with mother of pearl
A variety of different shades of mother of pearl in beautiful pastel colours. These are luxurious but affordable items of jewellery take full advantage of one of natures most prettiest material and emit a warm glow from their iridescent properties.
Turquoise bangleTurquoise bangles
Beautiful turquoise stones set on sterling silver. The selection includes both the pale blue turquoise and green turquoise stones. It includes this stunning silver bangle which is set with sky blue turquoise stones as the centre-piece of the bangle.
silver bangle with shiva shellShiva shell
A round natural Shiva-shell set inside a stunning sterling silver bangle. This beautiful and mysterious shell is captured within a framework of carefully tooled silver. The shell creates the centre focus to a well balanced item of jewellery.
shamballa braceletFashion & Costume Bangles
A selection of hand-made bangles and bracelets made from freshwater pearls, wood, semi-precious stones and shell. Only natural materials are used in the composition of this inexpensive costume jewellery. Also included is this stunning Bat bangle.
turquoise on wood bangleWood
A range of bangles and bracelets made from natural hardwoods.