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Silver Earrings

silver dangle earringsDangle earrings | drop earrings | dangle ear-rings | hook earrings Shed lustre upon your attire with some dangling silver earrings that include turquoise or gemstones such as the garnet and Peridot shown in this photograph. The infamous silverstall range include earrings inlaid with mother of pearl or shining crystals.
white stud ear-ringsStud Post Earrings | Plain silver stud earrings | classic stud earrings | mother of pearl with their enduring stylish qualities. Purely natural materials such as amber enhance and compliment the natural beauty of silver. We only use sterling silver which is composed of at least 92.5% pure silver, with no nickel or other allergic metals. This has the advantage that its shine can easily be restored by simply wiping with a polish cloth, giving you a lasting item of jewellery that can be worn time after time.
drop amber earringsAmber earrings These timeless masterpieces of jewellery can sprinkle a little sophistication to that evening attire. Amber never looked as nice as these Drop earrings in a selection of different colours and styles. An enchanting present of jewellery for that special person. The orange and green colours found in this mysterious resin can effectively accentuate the face's outline features
blue-bali-silver-hoopsHoop earrings A bonanza of hoop earrings composed of sterling silver. The classic looks and stylish curves of silver hoop ear-rings can be found throughout our collection which include creaoles and filligree hoop earrings.