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The pink, yellow and light-blue colours will brighten up that grey outfit.

The variety of colours also adds to the versatility of this marvelous item of silver jewellery.

The iridescent and reflective quality of the shell make these earrings a great gift and keepsake of jewellery.

three rectangles of mother of pearl on stud earrings

Three Rectangles of cute mother of pearl.

£4.95 - Three rectangle segments of mother of pearl set on sterling silver stud posts. The cute pink, blue and yellow pastels reflect light in variety of subtle patterns. The sections are set at a diagonal and are fused together to form one earring.

Dimensions of Stud Earring

yellow pink and blue sections of mother of pearl

The overall weight of the earrings is 2.2 grams. Each segment measures 3 mm x 7 mm. The segments are set in a rectangular mount of silver, with the side walls of which creating a fine silver border around the mother of pearl. These elegant stud ear-rings measure approximately 6mm wide by 18mm high.