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The Use of Gems in Silver Bracelets

Throughout the ages all types of gemstones have been used to decorate bracelets. The type of gemstone is determined by a range of factors. Historically the geology of the area surrounding the making of the bracelet was of importance.

Gemstone Colours

onyx silver braceletThe Semi-precious stones or gemstones that we use on our bracelets are usually the focal point of the jewellery.

The neutral colour is also a prefect backdrop to red coral which would simply look lost if it were mounted on a gold background.

Many consider that silver is an ideal medium for many gemstones. In particular amber looks much better on a silver background as its gorgeous colours are otherwise lost on a gold background. Moreover the neutrality of silver permits a whole range of gemstones to be added without losing the impact of the stones colour, as is shown by the photograph of the onyx. This black gemstone has been faceted cut and only silver can effectively frame this gorgeous gemstone.

red coral bracelet

Gemstone Setting

It is essential that care is exercised to ensure the stones are properly set. We will shortly provide detailed instructions on how to properly set a stone including best practices for cutting and mounting. Gemstones vary in hardness and many such such as turquoise are comparatively soft. So unlike a diamond which can be exposed without fear of damage, the stone has to be protected, usually by surrounding the stone in a silver setting. The red coral is also quite brittle, hence why it is deep set in a surround of silver, which protects it from knocks and scratches.

Another natural material that blends well with silver is mother of pearl with its rich variety of pastel colours. Similarly on a nautical flavour the mysterious shiva shell is another setting that is highlighted to its full by the use of silver as a background.