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Shiva-Shell Bracelets

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round shiva shells on a silver bracelet
Round Shiva's

A charming bracelet consisting of a selection of round shiva shells, mounted in sterling silver.


heart shaped shiva shells in a silver bracelet
Heart Shaped Shiva-shells

Capture the heart of another with this truly romantic gift of jewellery in the form of a series of heart shaped shiva-shells.


nine circular shapes of natural shiva-shell on silver bracelet
Natural Shiva-shell

Nine circular cut shiva shells make this fashionable and natural silver bracelet.


oval shiva shells on a silver bracelet
Oval Shiva Shells

Twelve oval shaped shiva shells mounted in silver creates this beautiful bracelet.


a disc of shiva shell in a silver bracelet
Shiva Shell Disc

A unique bracelet of one disc shaped shiva shell set in sterling silver.


The distinctive pattern of the shiva shell is beautifully captured in these silver bracelets.

Some say that the eye of the shell represents the centre of the universe, which swirls around it.

These natural and visually stunning bracelets are a true item of personal jewellery because each shell is utterly unique. The distinctive grey to white swirl is like a fingerprint and varies slightly from one shell to another.

Each shell is utterly unique and no one piece is 100% identical to another. You will however receive the same size, shape and design with only very minor deviations in the shell pattern. This guarantees you are buying a truly unique item of silver jewellery.

Although not necessarily a holiday item, many customers love to wear shiva shell jewellery around the seaside destination because the natural white colours harmonize with the nautical environment.

Each shell is totally natural and comes from renewable stocks.