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Silver Bracelets with Zircons

White Zircons

white zircons silver bracelet

£34.95 - A series of nine pear shaped zircons set in sterling silver. Between each zircon is a set of four smaller, round white zircons. A stunning and glitzy item of silver jewellery. To accessorize try these suitable zircon stud earrings

Square Cut Zircon Bracelet

square cut zircons silver bracelet

£29.95 - 30 brilliant white zircons with the appearance of crystals, are set in sterling silver to create this audacious and ostentatious bracelet. Each stone is protected and secured by a small square cage of silver which are interlinked to form a glitzy and flexible bracelet.


amethyst bracelet

£49.95 - A lattice of Amethyst stones really bring to life this semi-precious gemstone, that few items of jewellery could ever hope to achieve. A marvelous adornment to any feminine wrist.

Imitation Diamond

imitation diamond bracelet

£44.95 - Tear drop shaped zircons never looked so better than on this beautiful imitation diamond bracelet set in sterling silver. Comprising eight zircons it will never cease to dazzle. Extremely hard to tell apart from a real diamond since each stone is similarly cut and has the clarity you would expect of a high class diamond.