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Designer Silver Bangles

five in one bangle Five in one bangle
- £49.95 - Five bands of highly polished sterling silver merging into one cuff bangle. The smooth curves taper to a rounded edge. Weight is about 22 grams and its wrist size is 60 mm. As you will see on enlarging the image, the surface of the silver has been gently hammered to create a shimmering effect with its reflection.
beaten cuff bangle A beaten cuff bangle
£38.95 - A beaten sterling silver bangle. The cuff is composed of a band of silver that widens in the centre and tapers to its ends. The band is carefully beaten to give the silver a natural hammered effect. The bangle weighs 14 grams and at it widest point measures 10 mm across. Its wrist width is an expandable 70 mm.
twisted cuff bangle Twisted cuff bangle
- £29.95- Jewellery for all seasons with this popular cuff bangle with a subtle twist as the central focus of attention. Composed of sterling silver the band is 5 mm thick and its wrist width measures roughly 65 mm across. It weighs roughly 12 grams.
curved cuff bangle A curved cuff
£37.95 - A highly polished sterling silver bangle. A simple yet elegant curve of plain silver. A true choice of designer bangle. It will compliment virtually any outfit. The gentle curves dovetail to narrower ends rounded ends. Weight approximately fourteen grams. Suitable for ladies and smaller sized wrists (cuff width is 61 mm). Please note that we only have one left of this type.
bali torque cuff bangle Helix torque cuff bangle
£24.95 - A silver torque bangle which has the classic ball at either end of the cuff bangle but with a helix of silver as its centre-piece. The tubing is hollow making it weigh a relatively medium weight of just over 12 grams. The wrist width of this classic bangle is 65 mm which is slightly adjustable by gently bending apart the spheres. This jewellery is suitable for ladies or gents.
bali torque cuff bangle Celtic Bangle
- £29.95 - A sterling silver bangle in a 'V' shape Celtic design. The interwoven bands of silver create a Celtic knot that winds itself all the way around the cuff shape. Its wrist size is approximately 53 mm so it is only suitable for slim to average sized wrists. It weighs just over 12 grams and is quite an adorable item of Celtic jewellery.

Constructed from sterling silver, the bangles are unaffected by water meaning they can be worn in showers etc.

Each one is sent in either its own presentational velvet bag or box.