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Silver Toe Rings

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toe-ring with pink stones
toe-rings with crystals

A selection of toe-rings, all designed in plain silver with colourful crystals.

claddagh toe ring claddagh toe ring

The traditional symbol of lasting friendship and love. Poetry on your feet with this well known Irish Verse.

Since the toe rings are made from silver they will not rust and therefore can be worn in the bath, swimming or whilst mud-wrestling. Provided the silver is kept polished the toe rings ought to last a lifetime and beyond.

The toe rings aside from being a great fashion accessory, also make a lovely little keepsake of silver jewellery.

The average weight of all these toe rings is approximately 1-2 grams each.

The toe rings are adaptable items of jewellery. They can also be worn on small fingers and make excellent gifts of jewellery for children or those with small finger as the adjustable bands can enlarge the ring which particularly useful for when the child's finger grows.

Sterling Silver Toes Rings at £3.95 each

toe ring of the sun
plain silver toe ring
wave toe ring
toe ring with lines
toe ring with border pattern
silver toe ring with feet
toe ring in greek style
toe ring with four rings
silver toe ring with moon and sun

Sun, Moon and Stars

A smiling sun is the centre focus of this delightful sterling silver toe ring. Flanked on either side by a pattern of new moons and stars.

plain toe-ring

Silver toe ring with Border

The border toe-ring is a plain silver band with a detailed border on its edges.

silver toe-ring with a bordered edge

Four Silver Bands toe-ring

Four rows of plain silver wrap around a toe to make it shine in the sunshine.

waves toe-ring on toes

Silver Waves toe-ring

A silver cuff toe-ring that is patterned with a flowing series of waves set against a darken unpolished background. The toe ring is a must-have accessory for surfers or for those who like beach jewellery.

'bichiya' is the old Hindi name given to the toe-ring. When a pair of them is worn on both feet (on the second toe) it denotes the wearer is married.