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Amber Bangles

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ornate amber bangle
Large Ornate Amber Bangle

A large pear shaped amber set on an orante silver bangle


curved amber bangle
curved amber

A curved segment of cognac coloured amber set on a silver bangle


green amber bangle
Green Amber

A large green amber silver bangle


round orange amber bangle
Round Orange Amber

A round piece of orange amber captured by this beautiful silver bangle


big amber bangle
Big Amber

A big chunky piece of amber in the traditional colour


Asymmetrical amber bangle
Asymmetrical Amber Bangle

An asymmetrical amber set in a bangled that has a floral styling


large amber bangle
Large Amber

A large amber bangle at a comparatively small price.


cognac oval amber bangle
oval bangle

A classic oval shaped amber sterling silver bangle.


orange amber bangle

A large orange amber is the centrepiece of this stunning bangle


twin ambers bangle
twin ambers

Two tear drop shaped pieces of amber create a stunning bangle.

£44.95 - sold out

We now have an exciting new collection of amber rings that will compliment the many bangles shown here.

This highly prized resin comes from the resin within ancient trees that have been fossilized and formed over hundreds of thousands of years. We have more detailed information about amber on this site. As with all our silver jewellery only the purest quality silver is used, which if kept polished should last for many years. For further details on cleaning silver jewellery see silver care

We only stock a limited number of these bangles so please and frequently rotate the designs so if you see one you like try not to leave it too late.

For postage and sending silver jewellery abroad.

As no items of amber are exactly the same, there could be a small difference between the interior particles of the amber ordered compared with the photographed item on this site. This guarantees that the item you are buying is utterly unique and which makes it a truly personal item of jewellery. Nevertheless we will send the same weight, size, and shape. In respect of the colour there could be approximately a ten per cent variation in colour.

Our amber earrings make an ideal partner for some of these unique bangles. Alternatively you might want to consider some matching amber pendants that could all be purchased to make a complete set. Alternatively for wrist wear you may instead prefer the more flexible bracelet all of which are complimented by a fine range of matching amber necklaces.

Amber jewellery makes an ideal present because its unique individuality. Every amber bangle is different due to inimitable and special qualities of amber.