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Amber pendants

model wearing hoop earrings

This Silverstall model proudly displays a glorious and chunky oval amber pendant. The natural colours absorb and enhance the tones of her underlying skin.

an amber drop pendant

The drop pendant comes in a choice of styles and shapes. The round and domed shape enhances the depth and texture of this aesthetically pleasing silver pendant.

profile of the green amber dome

The dome of green amber is a fine sample of combining natures beauty with the precious silver.

large oval amber pendant on neck

The large Oval cut, ornate pendant, is suspended from a snake chain but can look equally as attractive on a leather cord.

For matching amber bangles or bracelets or necklaces


oval shaped amber pendant

Oval Cognac Amber Pendants

Two oval shaped amber pendants that both use the cognac coloured amber. Supurb drop pendants that stimulates the imagination.

rectangle of large kumst amber on silver pendant

Kumst Amber

£8.95 - "kumst" refers to the name of the cloudy colour of this spectacular amber, set on a rectangular shaped silver pendant.

green amber pendant

Green Amber

£9.95 - A well proportioned dome of beautiful green amber makes this a very desirable pendant.

baltic amber pendant

baltic amber

£16.95 - An example of how resplendent Baltic amber can look suspended from a chain with this beautiful. large, oval shaped pendant.

long slim amber pendant

Long Slim Amber Pendant

£13.95 - A long slim amber which is rectangular in shape. An elegant style of pendant that never fails to inspire.

 tear drop amber pendant

Tear Drop Shaped Amber

£19.95 - A beautiful amber pendant of amplitude proportions. The pendeloque cut creates an eye catching and desirable item of jewellery.

oval amber pendant

Large Oval amber

£26.95 - A splendid and ostentatious oval shaped amber that cannot fail to attract. This large Baltic amber is well balanced in a lattice of silver work. Two flowers of silver cradle the lower half of this stunning amber.

lemon shaped amber pendant

Lemon Shaped Amber

£12.95 sold out- The distinctive lemon shaped mount of sterling silver is home to yet another magnificent sample of cognac coloured amber.

tear drop amber pendant

Tear drop

£9.95 - A perfectly proportioned and petitie pear drop amber, captured in a smooth and sleek setting. The warmth of the cognac amber is offset by the dazzling and shining silver.

orange oval amber pendant

Orange Oval

£24.95- An oval amber cradled in an ornate silver setting. The pendants is decorated with a silver leaf that flows over it on one side.

rectangular green amber pendant

Rectangular Green

£16.95 -A glorious rectangle of green amber makes for an item of silver jewellery that is unequalled in style or panache.

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The amber pendants are inimitable items of jewellery, offering the owner an opportunity to wear distinct regalia of natural history and beauty.

This ancient resin is relatively soft, making it easier to carve, as can be seen by these exclusive and exquisite pendants. You can discover more about amber within this site.

lady wearing green amber pendant

This legendary fossil is associated with the sun god Apollo because it was often described as the stone of the sun. Moreover wearing such a pendant was considered to help look after a person in their after-life.

We are constantly updating this selection and we only have limited stocks of each design, so when they are gone, rarely will they return.

lady wearing orange amber pendant

If you are looking for a perfect gift of amber jewellery these pendants look fabulous on either a silver chain or a leather thong