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A Green Amber Silver Pendant

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green amber pendant
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A perfect size and shape to make this pendant stand out whilst not being too ostentatious.

This pendants unique and alluring shape makes it an ideal accessory.

large oval amber pendant

A Green Amber set in a Swirl

A stylish oval shaped green amber set in a swirl of sterling silver swirl. The amber is in the green colour and has a bulbous depth. Simplistic in design yet sophisticated in style.


Dimensions of Amber Pendant

The amber itself is 20mm wide, whilst the overall width of the pendant is 30mm. At its highest point the amber is 9mm deep. The bale can take a 5 mm chain clasp or thong. Its Weight is approximate seven to eight grams.

This Green amber is set in an eye shaped mount of silver. The amber is cut as a dome adding a deep and interesting aspect. A beautiful piece of silver jewellery that makes an ideal present and pleasing addition to a jewellery box. The reverse side of the pendant is a window frame holding in the amber. This allows light access to pass through the carefully cut amber resin.