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Western Astrology Pendants

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Why not treat somebody to an item that could last generations. Cast from sterling silver these pendants can be a treasured momento. These make truly personal gifts of jewellery to all and any age groups. For more information on the twelve signs of the zodiac see our page on western astrology. Please check that the year of birth corresponds to the correct sign.

Find which gemstone is your astrology stone from our chart of the zodiac gemstones from which you can also learn about the history of astrology.

Despite using only real silver we have managed to keep the cost of each pendant down to a modest £5.95 each. They are composed of sterling silver throughout and are not imitation. Once cast they are carefully hand tooled and polished. The fine detail is highlighted, by leaving smaller background portions, in an unpolished darker silver. Even if you choose not to believe in the mysteries of the zodiac, the pendants still make an attractive item of silver jewellery.

Ophiuchus is the newly re-discovered 13th sign. It is represented by a man carrying a serpent and it is the sign for those born between November 29th to December 17th. £6.95 each