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A popular form of Jewellery

Nose studs rank second after earrings in the piercing popularity charts. They commonly refer to the piercing in the nostril as opposed to a bridge or septum piercing.

stud worn on a nose

Since both sets of studs are composed entirely from sterling silver there are no other metals that are likely to irritate or cause allergic reactions.

three white nose studs

Sterling Silver Studs For Noses

£2.97 for a set of Three

The nose studs are sold in packs of three - equating to only 99p each.

L-Shaped Nose Studs (white)

A trio of sterling silver studs suitable for noses. The thin silver wire is 'L'-shaped however because of silver's malleability it can easily be manipulated into any shape for comfort.

nose stud with white stone

The small brilliant white stone is claw set onto a round plinth. It measures approximately 1.2 mm in diameter.

Ball Ended Nose Studs (in pink or White)

pink ball ended nose stud

These small crystal nose studs have a small ball at the piercing end. The ball permits the stud to be inserted into the nose with greater comfort, whilst preventing it from falling out. They are available in either white or pink and each small crystal stone is claw set onto its silver post.

white ball ended nose stud