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Silver Nose Studs

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Sterling Silver 99p Each

silver nose stud with pink stone
silver nose stud with light-blue stone
silver nose stud with white crystal
silver nose stud with gold crystal
nose stud with silver ball
silver nose stud with flower of blue crystals
silver nose stud with light blue stone
L shaped silver nose stud with white crystal
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silver nose-stud with white crystal

Sterling Silver Nose-Studs

All our nose studs are constructed from sterling silver meaning there is no Nickel or any other type of allergy sensitive metal.

Sterling Silver Nose-Rings

silver nose-ring

Instead of a nose stud have you considered a silver nose ring

Nose studs 1-4 small crystal have a small ball at the piercing end. The ball permits the stud to be inserted into the nose with greater comfort, whilst preventing it from falling out.

Nose studs 5-8 are L-shaped although since sterling silver is malleable they can be bent into whatever shape desired with minimum effort.