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Mother of Pearl Necklaces

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What is Mother of Pearl?

Mother of pearl is basically the lining of shells or a mollusc. Tortoiseshell on the other hand is the lining of the hawksbill turtle.

The mother of pearl is naturally water-proof and reasonably tough, although it is moderately brittle which is why its used as an inlay as the surrounding silver protects it.

Mother of Pearl in Pastel Colours

silver choker with tear drop shape of white mother of pearl
silver choker in pastel pink yellow and blue mother of pearl imbetween marcasite stones
silver choker with rectangular shapes of mother of pearl
silver choker with cascading tear-drops of mother of pearl
silver choker with  three colours of pastel mother of pearl
silver choker with discs of mother of pearl

Pages of mother of pearl necklaces

All these necklaces are constructed using real mother of pearl either in its natural pastel white colour or artificially dyed in pastel pinks or blues.

Pearls are formed when a foreign particle enters an oyster or mussel. The mollusc then secretes a nacre around that particle. Nacre is mostly calcium carbonate(CaCO3) but can also contain a small amount of conchiolin which are fragments of the outer shell of the mollusc.

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