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silver necklaces with Pastel Colours of mother of pearl

All these necklaces are constructed using real mother of pearl either in its natural pastel white colour or artificially dyed in pastel pinks or blues.

Bangle and Necklace Set

blocks of mother of pearl bangle and necklace set

£79.95 - Rectangles of pastel shades of mother of pearl cradled between two bands of sterling silver. Each block of mother of pearl measures roughly 10mm by 6 mm. The centre piece is the beautiful pastel yellow which is flanked by two blocks of pastel blue and pink. The price includes both the silver bangle and the necklace. The necklace weighs 34 grams and is a rigid choker style that simply slides over the neck and grips the collar bone. The bangle, which is of an identical design, is a cuff bangle weighing 24 grams. It has a wrist diameter of 65 mm. A gorgeous set of silver jewellery that looks astonishing throughout all seasons.

Flowers Necklace

silver clover leafs flowers necklace

£39.95 - Four silver clover leafs each comprising of four mother of pearl petals, linked to form a choker style necklace. Two petals are coloured blue whilst tow are pink. The chain of petals is linked to a curved silver tube which has a spring mounted clasp and jump ring at its end. The length of the necklace is approximately 16 inches.(40.6 cm) and it weighs in the region of 28 grams.

tear drops of mother of pearl pastel mother of pearl tear drop necklace

Tear-Drops of Mother of Pearl Necklace

£49.95 - tear drop shapes of pastel coloured mother of pearl set in silver create a stunning necklace. The tear drops cascade down from a series of curved silver arms. Measuring 20 mm by 15 mm the pink centre tear-drop is the largest, followed by pastel blue, yellow and a smaller pink tear drop at the end. The necklace is clasped by a hook and clips over an open square at its opposite end. It weighs almost 36 grams and its approximate length is 16 inches. (40.6 cm)

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