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Pink Mother of Pearl Necklaces

A selection of mother of pearl necklaces in pink. This feminine pastel creates a warm and subtle range of silver jewellery. It includes a butterfly necklace and a pink necklace that is simple and curvaceous.

Pink Half-moon Necklace

half moons of pink mother of pearl pink half moon necklace

£49.95 - Carefully hand cut shades of pink mother of pearl inlaid on three half moon shaped segments. The centre half moon mount is approximately 36 mm in length and is divided into four smaller horizontal compartments each containing a pink mother of pearl. The centre section is flanked by two smaller crescent shaped mounts which are each split into three pieces. This stunning choker style pink necklace is approximately 16 inches in length (40.6 cm) and 32 grams in weight.

Butterfly Necklace

mother of pearl butterflies butterfly necklace

£49.95 - Pink mother of pearl stones carved into butterfly shapes link to form this sterling silver necklace. Approximate length 16 inches (40.6 cm) The large and fairly detailed butterfly in the centre has a wing span of 40 mm. It is linked on either side to two smaller pink mother of pearl butterfly's. The overall weight of this pretty necklace is 32 grams.

Segments of Pink Mother of pearl

pink segments of mother of pearl pink segment mother of pearl necklace

£49.95 - Pink shades of mother of pearl are inlaid on carefully hand-crafted and curved silver segments. A truly stunning choker style necklace. Approximate length is 17 inches. It weighs a relatively substantial 38 grams. Each segment swivels because they are hinged together making it an extremely flexible and comfortable necklace. The hook at one end clips over the opposite end of the necklace and is further secured by a safety clip on the side of the clasp. A pink necklace that is simple, curvaceous and will combine with practically any attire.

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