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Silver Necklaces

mother of pearl on silver necklace Mother of Pearl An attractive selection of contemporary silver necklaces with mother of pearl in a variety of colours and styles. There are some choker length necklaces inlaid with multiple colours of this revered shell. Hand crafted from this robust and versatile material.
shell necklaceWith shell Real natural shells on a range of different styles and designs of hand-made necklaces, such as this stunning starfish necklace composed of shiva and other shells. The natural shells are all painstakingly polished.
silver chokerSilver Chokers Pick out a tastefully designed hand-crafted silver choker. The simplicity of style evokes a sense of vogue for those passionate for silver jewellery. Each choker is lovingly hand made and presented in a box with a highly polished finish. A stunning present.
amber necklaceAmber Necklaces The natural beauty of Amber captured on a collection of silver necklaces. Within this site we have a useful resource about amber as well as matching bangles and earrings all made using real and natural amber.
designer silver necklaceDesigner silver Styles of silver necklaces for the fashion savvy. Within this selection you can find the latest design of chain link necklace, in addition to the peerless and the ever popular starfish necklace. All these designs are in plain sterling silver.
silver necklace with mystic quartz silver necklaces with gemstones A selection of silver necklaces utilising real gemstones or other natural materials such as mystic quartz. Also included is a lightweight necklace with a heart of crystals suspended from a pink cord.
red coral tear drop necklaceRed Coral For that special occasion the rich red colour of this prized coral could make it the ideal choice of jewellery. The natural red corals come in a variety if shapes and sizes to suit all tastes.
gemstone necklacewith gemstones A cornucopia of semi-precious gemstones, strung from hand-made designs. All styles of chokers and necklaces are catered for. The selection includes this stunning glass necklace at a remarkable £4.95.