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silver choker
Silver Chokers

A selection of solid sterling silver chokers in a variety of styles to suit all tastes.

oval amber drop necklace
Amber Necklaces

The natural beauty of Amber captured on a collection of silver necklaces. The matching bangles and earrings all made using real and natural amber.

designer silver necklace
plain silver

Styles of silver necklaces in plain sterling silver including the ever popular starfish necklace.

paua-shell tree of life silver necklace
silver necklaces with gemstones

A selection of silver necklaces utilising real gemstones or other natural materials such as paua-shell.

red coral on silver necklace
Red Coral

Sterling silver necklaces made using natural coral that has been dyed in red mangrove.

silver necklace with tear drop shape of white mother of pearl
Mother of Pearl

An attractive selection of contemporary silver necklaces with mother of pearl in a variety of colours and styles. Hand crafted from this robust and versatile material.

glass red heart necklace
with gemstones

Costume necklaces made from gemstones and natural materials, strung from hand-made designs. All styles of chokers and necklaces are catered for. The selection includes this stunning glass necklace at a remarkable £4.95.

necklace with a blue dragons eye

Some or our latest and fashionable necklaces made from glass, leather, stainless stell or other nickel free materials.

pearl necklace

Purely pearl necklaces made from either freshwater of cultivated pearls.

necklace decorated with turquoise dyed shells
With shell

Real natural shells on a range of different styles and designs of hand-made necklaces. The natural shells are all painstakingly polished.

green amber necklace

The amber necklaces are an item of jewellery that will constantly be admired from generation to generation.

Whether its costume or silver, most of the necklaces are suitable for formal evening dress. Historically, particularly in the 3rd century, it was fashionable to wear more than one necklace. That tradition of multiple necklaces seems to have recently repeated itself with many current fashion magazines displaying models wearing three sometimes four necklaces together.

lady wearing evening dress with necklace

All of necklaces are made from natural materials such as gemstones, wood and amber. Moreover since our silver jewellery is hand crafted from silver there are no reactive metals likely to cause allergic reactions. If you are buying a necklace as a present please try and find out the approximate neck size beforehand.