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Turquoise Bracelets

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Turquoise and Sterling Silver

turquoise tear-drop bracelet
art deco style bracelet wuth turquoise
oval green turquoises set in a silver bracelet
arch shaped turquoise stones in a bracelet
silver bracelet with tree of life on turquoise
sky blue turquoise set in round silver mounts on a bracelet
silver bracelet with a chain of oval cut turquoise stones
double sided silver bracelet with turquoise and mother of pearl

All of the bracelets are clasped by a spring loaded ring clasp that hooks into one end of the bracelet. A perfect gift of silver jewellery for those with an average sized wrist.

silver bangle in a night scene

Planerite is the primary constituent of Turquoise. Its name is derived from the French for Turkey being the region where it was most commonly found.

The sky blue colouring of turquoise is attributed to the presence of copper inside the mineral.

There has been some controversy surrounding Turquoise due to the various processes which have to be undertaken to make it suitable for jewellery. Some argue that you can never call turquoise in jewellery natural as it has frequently undergone polishing, cutting and sometimes waxing which can change the colour.