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Curb Link Silver Bracelet

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silver bracelet with curb links
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Origins of Curb-Link

Curb originates from the 15th century French word 'courbe' which was a restraint used on a horse. Subsequently by the 17th century the word was also used to refer to a figurative restraint. It evolved into the jewellery world as curb link because the design resembled the flattened chain around the horses chin.

silver curb bracelet clasp

Its of a unisex design and the interlocking links create a very strong bracelet.

curb link silver bracelet

Curb Links

A silver curb bracelet made with the traditional flattened and interlocking links. This classical silver bracelet is a timeless icon of silver jewellery.


Bracelet Dimensions

Its generous length of 8 inches (203mm) makes it suitable for those with a wide or larger sized wrist. It weighs in the region of 18 grams.

oval link silver bracelet