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Silverstalls' privacy policy

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When you make a purchase we only collect your name and address solely for the purpose of posting your order. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 - registration number z656565. Consequently we fully meet with the provisions of the data protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations ('GDPR'). We do we not reveal to any 3rd party any confidential or private information that we receive from you. We do not see any credit-card details as these are processed through paypal. We e-mail you to advise of delivery details of the silver jewellery in respect of which please check our terms and conditions Unlike other companies we will not Spam or send any further e-mails to you without your consent. Data about you we may collate includes your name, address, email address together with details of any specific item of silver jewellery not found on this site. We do not collect any card details as this is handled solely by either paypal and consequently it is not possible to correspond to enquires concerning orders made by anyone other than the original card holder who made the order. In compliance with UK Data Protection legislation, if you Contact us we will disclose to you any data that we store electronically about you. To enable us to properly display a web page quickly and securely our servers log your IP address together with information such as your operating system, site from where the request was sent and sometimes we store details of your browser a "cookie" which enables faster loading of pages should you re-visit this site. You can change your browser to prevent downloading cookies. Our server log also records date, time, venue and language of your request. You can also delete all cookies stored on your computer which we recommend doing frequently as they are often used to monitor your connection and can lead to unwanted e-marketing. If you have any questions/comments about privacy, you should contact us. We never engage in marketing with your data and the only time we are ever likely to share any of your data is in pursuance of a court order or if you have expressly consented beforehand. Any data we do collect is stored only until legally necessary to fulfill the order and any subsequent period for charge-back, refunds or contract issues. Such data is stored securely and is encrypted to prevent 3rd party access.